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OK...I got my CS50 on Monday but because of that whole "work" thing I didn't get to season it till this morning.

My first lesson was that the drip pan should have been in place during the seasoning phase. The 6" long stain on my stamped concrete will be
my reminder. Frowner

First 2 butts (7.5 each) are going in tonight at 200 - 225 until I get home at around 8:00 am tommorow.

Big Grin

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I built a small shed just slightly larger than my 008 with a vent hole in the top and keep my 008 in it even when in use. The hole in the top of the shed has a bent metal elbow so it keeps the rain out even when I am smoking. This way I can put something in when I go to work and not have to worry about the weather.

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