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Smoked 2 Boston Butts on my new 009 and both turned out great. One question. I smoked both 4 pound butts at 225 till remote themometer read 165. I then removed one, wrapped in foil and put back in cs. It took approx 10 hours for the wrapped butt to reach 195 and the unwrapped one took close to 14 hours (probably due to opening cs door}. Also the one I wrapped was more tender. Has anyone tried this and got the same result? I'm new to this so is wrapping a good idea or just a waste of foil?
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Since you asked, I will say using foil on a pork butt is a waste. Foil is usually wasted on a brisket and is known as a Texas Crutch. Those times are not at all uncommon. Foiling will also soften your bark. Bark should not be soft. Good pulled pork should have bark.
The first answer would be that a cookshack is such a wet cooker that folks open the door on cooks, to let out moisture and help bark formation.

Cooks may use foil to speed the cook,if they are behind schedule.

Much like placing a lid on a pot, to braise/pot roast meats.

Pure stickburners may foil, to keep from oversmoking butts.

If you have a dry cooker ,that flows a lot of air,you may also sometimes foil.

A butt has lots of internal moisture,on its own,and is hard to dry out-unless you overcook to mush.

Just my $0.02

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