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Well Team N2que made the 4 hour trip to Westmont IL for memorial weekend competition using our new FEC100

Well we used our new Battery/Inverter setup to power the smoker. Which worked flawlessly.

We got a call for 5th in Chicken which is best we have done in that Category so all in all we was very happy overall.

Would like to say Congrats to Ron on his walk using the FEC and scottie also.

Now we need to figure what the heck we are doing wrong with our Pulled pork but that is another Posting i will hopefully have some pictures and videos and let you all see in next couple of days.
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Thanks for the mention, Bill! It was great seeing you guys in Westmont. Congrats on your walk in Chicken.

This was our first competition with the FEC as well. We ended up with 6th in pork and 11th in brisket (missed 10th by .0004 points!). The funny thing is that we thought our ribs and chicken were our best turn ins. We weren't really happy with the pork or brisket but they scored better than the others. Ya just never know!

Congrats to Scottie, Alex and Kate and Joey Mac!

See ya all in Elk Grove in a couple of weeks.

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