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Folks, am a proud owner of a new Smokette. Did the break-in thing with the wood chunks provided by cookshack and the container of water. I think the wood was wet and it stunk as it was breaking in and threw the wood away immediately.

Bought more hickory chunks and my first cook was a 6 lb 11 ounce Boston Butt, bone-in (sounds kind of pornographic!), from Harris-Teeters in Raleigh, NC that was from Hormel.

I used 2 ounces of the new Hickory chunks, set it on 225 and it took 18 hours to cook. Turned out good, but it had a goofy taste, like either the butt was sour or the wood sucked. Don't know what it could be? My wife said it tasted okay, it was tender, but the flavor was still a little off. I put a little sauce on it after I pulled it, and it was okay, but wonder what the different taste was? Was it still the bad wood from the break-in lingering? Did I get more bad wood? Is hormel the problemo?

Also, should I have gone to 250 to cut down on cooking time a little? I was surprised the butt took 18 hours.

I also want to try some baby backs next. It is harder to stick ribs with a thermo and get a good reading. Should I cook at 225 or 250 for ribs? How long?

This is my first post, my first cook on my new Smokette, and am excited to joing the fraternity. Any advice will be appreciated!!

Oh yeah, and by the way, GO STILLERS!
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Welcome to the forum Mark.

You have a couple of variables to contend with.

First, if the wood was bad enough to stink and throw away, I think I would have cleaned the smoker and re-seasoned it with some good wood. Get Simple Green and lightly scrub it down, rinse very well, allow to dry then scrub it down with lemon juice & water or even quarter a couple of lemons and scrub away.

Any possibility that the eat was bad? Doesn't really sound like it since it "was" edible.

Try cleaning you smoker and smoke a smaller butt.

Hope this helps a little...
Wheels is right. The smoker is still fouled by the bad wood. Clean it and re-season per your owners manual - 6 hours and 6 oz. You might even want to double season. Some people have had luck seasoning with cheap fatty meat that they just throw out. Either way, it will take several smokes for you and your smoker to come to an "understanding" Good luck, it only gets better from here.

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