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Did three racks st louis ribs and two chickens halved today for my first time in the CS66. Chicken was 3 hrs at 225 ribs 4 at 225. Everything was good but not great. Ribs better than chicken. If I can get more smoke on the ribs next time they may be really great.  Chicken a bit drier than i like. Ribs were dry rubbed and chicken was kind of a wet rub of spices with tequila and honey, i was hoping the alcohol and a bit of baking powder would help keep the chicken from being rubbery. Chicken meat was a bit drier than I expected. But i cooked it past done because it was ugly pale color, not what i am used to on a charcoal/wood pit.

Any hints would be appreciated. I used only 2oz of wood. Some from a plum tree and some live oak both completely dry and without bark, only ash remained. I am not crazy about the white acrid smoke in the first hour, i opened the door a crack for a minute to get some oxygen in there and it calmed down. 

I can run a stick burner offset to perfection controlling smoke and heat to make some really delicous meat. I will try brisket next and that will be my standard to see if I can understand the best method with this unit.

No smoke ring at all, will try adding a briquette when i do the brisket.20190519_175842_HDR


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First, an electric cooker will generally not give you a smoke ring. Not a bad thing just a fact. Smoke ring is an unnecessary thing for flavor or quality. Second, chicken need moisture and not much time in the smoker. Take it out when it is done (about 165 internal) and finish it in the oven or on the grill to get the skin crisp and dark to your liking. In my SM066, my loin back (baby back) ribs typically take around 5 1/2 hours to get done to my liking at 225 (bite-off, not fall-off the bones) with dry rub, and unlike some here, I flip them over half-way through. Just my preference. On ribs, try the classic "toothpick test" - if a toothpick goes through the meaty part with little/no resistance, they are done.  If you pick them up with tongs, they should hold together rather than fall apart. Keep experimenting - experience is everything! Good luck and report back!

PS - the initial hour will produce the white smoke on a SM-066 as it heats up on high. I've never had any problem with that process unless I am cooking less that a few hours (like fish), where i use a very low start temp.

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