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I’ll be posting a blog about me fixing and cleaning up my sm150. Simple oven temp probe fix and cleaning. About 15 years of grease and gunk she has a new lease on life. 

But tomorrow I plan on doing a brisket, two pork butts, 4 racks of ribs, and possibly beef ribs. 

On my main smoker, a Myron mixon, is do it at 275 until done. I want to try doing it at 225 since I have the ability to with the cookshack


Any suggestions on the maiden voyage?

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Wow, that is a pretty ambitious agenda. You seem to have some differing doneness requirements, if not temp differences too. Why so much variety in one smoke? Anyway, depending on the size of the butts they may or may not take as long as the brisket (flat or whole?). The ribs will take a lot less time. Are you worried about dripping of one less done meat on another meat, from a contamination or cross-flavoring standpoint?

Just what I’d normally do on my other smoker.  It’s for a small gathering at work on Friday and I like the idea of not tending a fire on my mixon for 10 hours  

the dripping I’m ok with. Probably gonna do the butts bottom, brisket middle and ribs top.  The beef ribs I’m gonna do another day alone because I’ve never cooked beef ribs before. 

brisket is flat only. I was expecting the ribs to take 4-5 hours at 225. I’d have to look at the weights of the brisket and butts but I was guessing minimum hour a pound. 

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