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I just got a new smokette. Seasoned the first night, smoked a practice butt (5.8 lbs) the second night (2.5 hours/lb), then smoked 14.8 lbs of shoulder (1.1 hrs/lb) and just pulled out 17.5 lbs of butt (1.05hrs/lb) - Just a couple of questions for those in the know.

First couple of smokes I used a rib rub on the meat which is heavy on the brown sugar. I ended up with a heavy bark and the meat was a little drier than I had hoped. I'm guessing the rub caused the heavy bark, would the heavy bark cause the meat to dry out some?

I didn't rub the last butts at all and they came out the moistest (is that a word?)

It appears that the meat is plateauing around the 170 degree mark, does this make any sense? I can't stay and get good hourly measurements due to that thing called work but it seems that the internal temps get stuck around 170 for 3 to 4 hours. I always set the smokette to 225 degrees.

Getting ready for a large gathering so I've been freezing the meat in zip lock bags as soon as it's rested and pulled. I have added a little Apple mop to some of the bags (Okie's mix) but the rest hasn't been doctored before freezing. Any thawing and reheating advice is appreciated since I've never froozen food before. I will have access to a residential oven during the party.

Dumbest thing I've done so far - left probe in water while I was seasoning the smoker - it never worked again
2nd dumbest thing I've done - left replacement probe on during the whole 2nd smoke - now it doesn't work

Smartest thing I've done - read the forum
2nd smartest thing I've done (tie) - bought a 30 pack of 1/2 size aluminum trays at Costco - 5 bucks has really kept my messes down and I took advantage of discount beer prices while shopping at costco - had to get a cart for this.
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1. If you use a rub heavy on salt or let the rub sit overnight it Might have an effect on moistness but I have never had an issue with that.
2. It's not unusual for the PB to get stuck at a temp around 165/170 for hours while the Stuff(proper word is eluding me at this moment) breaks down, no worries just keep on smoking.
3. Second dumbest>> I leave my probes in the entire cook, start to finish, I would think yours should still be working.
Thawing the pulled pork> I just had some for dinner, put the frozen bag of goodies in a pot of boiling water until thawed, MMMM good.

You have to be careful with probes and water. I've not done it , but some say you can boil probes. Might check that out.

I'm under the impression that keeping the PBs whole is the best way to freeze and reheat for a party. They will not dry out as bad when reheating. Thaw first.Put in oven, to reheat, at 275* untill they probe out at 145-150*

If you only want a little at a time the way you're doing it is fine.
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Cal, Thanks for the link. I've got a Brookstone remote probe and a Maverick probe that I'm thinking are dead but they'll be boiled in oil soon. I went through some searches on thermometers but didn't think to search boil probes.

Thawed out some frozen pulled pork to see how it tasted (kind of a trial run) and it met everyone's satisfaction. I'm thinking the lighter the rub the better right now. Two more butts will get smoked tonight.

My daughter just got home from USC (Gamecocks not Trojans) and was upset that I haven't gone vinegar yet on basting or finishing sauce. Off to the store I go.

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