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Learn the secrets to cooking championship quality BBQ on the Fast Eddy pellet cookers from the 2009 American Royal Invitational Champion.

Announcing our first ever Plowboys BBQ Class. The goals of the class are to make an already good "at home" cook a great cook and to give the competitor insights into how we approach KCBS cook offs. We'll cover our contest chicken, ribs, pork and brisket. This is a hands on class. Students will be doing all cuts in small groups except for the prime rib. I'll be covering recipes, cooking temperatures, wood species used, and final cook temps for each cut.

When: Saturday, March 27th
Where: Blue Springs, MO
Cost: $300 per student
Topics: Brisket (w/burnt ends), Pork Butt, Spare Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, chicken, and Prime Rib

Equipment: FEC-500, FEC-100, Big Green Egg

Students get one Cook's Pass and one VIP pass. The Cook's Pass is an all access pass for the entire day. The VIP pass can be given to a spouse, friend, or family member to join us after the class for a party with live music and all of the food we've prepared in class.

Each student will receive one of every product we sell, Slabs Sauce, Blues Hog Sauces, Butcher BBQ injections, and other products that we use.

To sign up, send your contact information to I'll reply and let you know if space is available.
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Actually you will find a lot of techniques that work, but you'll also find some things that it's hard to do in a SM020 or may not have as much impact on your home food.

But the folks you meet in class and what you learn as still worth it.

I'm trying to get CS to have a NON, comp class. Maybe if you'll email CS and tell them.

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