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It is normal to get a roaring firebox when the unit first starts up. An overshoot in temp is also normal. After 30 minutes it will settle in to normal operation. As pellets feed, you'll see white smoke, followed by blue smoke.

Be sure to clean the spent ash out of the firepot before your next use.

Let us know how the rib cook goes.
Originally posted by Lander:
I must be doing something wrong. When i hit temp cook to bump it up it automatically resets the time

I've found that you don't have to hit the "Reset" button, just change the temp and push start and your time should pick up where it ended.
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Originally posted by Lander:
Ok first fec100 cook underway. Firepot flames a lot i assume that is normal. Does not seem like a lot of smoke but only 30 mins in to it.

I have found that if you start the smoker ahead of time, say 30-60 minutes, with a good size handful of pellets it will get a good size fire going and then when you put the meat in it will cause the fire to smolder more, causing a better smoke profile.

Don't forget that you can use the hold feature for your benefit as a cook feature.

Have fun and enjoy the new smoker.
Pulled 1 raack at 4 hours and one at 5 hours. very tender but lacked smoke flavor - any tips on how to get more smoke flavor? I bumped it up to 250 for the third raack and plan on pulling it at 6 hours to see how it tastes. Used the chris lilly rub and it almost tasted too strong on the ribs - maybe 225 was not hot enough?
Generally speaking, pellet smokers produce a lighter (white) smoke vs electric smokers.

There are a number of ways to increase smoke profile with the FEC100. You can try a "two staged" method whereby you you set the FEC temp to 180-190 for an hour or two, and then raise the heat to 250-275 to finish them. The lower temp produces more smoke as the pellets aren't being used (as much) for the heat source. Another method involves adding an additional source of smoke, such as THIS

I use the Amaze pellet cylander and cook ribs (any and all) at 275.

Play around and find your nitch.

Before you go buying a cylinder, maybe give a more than one smoke and try some of the methods here.

Big question, what pellets where you using?

Baby Backs should take 4 hours, did you do anything like wrap them? What weight were they? How did you tell when they were done?
What the FEC 100 does to pork is nothing short of a culinary miracle.

Coming from an electric to the FEC, my first few smokes, I missed the heavy smoke flavor, but the chemical changes in the meat from the clean FEC smoke, to me, are a vast improvement to the top-layered smoke I received on the electrics.

To each his own- but as for me and my house, I will choose the FEC.

There is a learning curve with the FEC. It took me a while to learn it's ways. I've never used additional smoke additives or devices; rather, like smokin and ribdog, have started ribs for the first hour at 180 or so, then bumped it up from there.
I set the cook time for one hour at 180 and the Hold Temp at my cooking temp and the FEC bumps up to the cook temp automatically. That's one neat thing about the FEC, you can set the HOLD temp higher than the cook temp for these cooking strategies.

Good luck. Any pics?
in my before cookshack days, I always used McCormick or other locally avaliable rubs. Now I use Cookshack Brisket rub over a thin layer of mustard on my briskets, CS chicken rub on my chicken and either CS rib rub or Fast Eddy's all purpose seasoning on my ribs and pork products. The FE is avaliable in two pound bags and I like the flavor, but the CS rib rub barks up better, as the FE has more brown suger I think, which can cause a harder crust. I never foil anything but corn on the cob.

As far as temp for ribs go. I like a little lower and slower than many of the '275' types on this forum. I'll go 180 for an hour then boost to 225-230 until done.

The one thing about the FEC, that I’m not sure concerned you in a smaller smoker is to rotate your racks, especially on a full load. I've done 40 racks (in four rib racks) at a time and Rotate 1 and 2 and three and four and spin all of them about half way thru the cook.

I also have seven flat racks and will rotate quite a bit with jerky, sausage or ribs, when I lay them flat.

Sorry, too much information, but I'm addicted to BBQ and stationed in a Porkless country until June. Thanks for the therapy.
Originally posted by Lander:
No pics from yesterday but will take some next time. did you change up the rub when you switched to the fec? What temp do you cook ribs at.

Here's where I would start....same rub you're accustomed too and cook St. Louis spares at 275* for 4 hrs. Before he get's all over me, this is what Smokin' has repeatedly said about cooking on the FEC for cut down spares and it's a very good starting point.

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