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Hi all,

I just go my first smoke in on ribs and they came out great. Now I want to do a pork butt and have read so much here in the forum that I can't recall if you should plan on 1 hour per pound, or 1.5 hrs. per pound? And at what temp? (I'm smoking on a Cookshack 50).

Can someone run me through the basic one more time for a "first timer" ... thanks for any comments. Cheers!
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Read Butt 101 then re-read. You'll not be sorry.

Butts are the most forgiving smoke on the planet! Buy one, rub it (or go naked), toss it in the CS with the temp set at 225*, use 4-6 oz of your favorite wood, stick the probe in the thickest part of the roast (you DO have a probe, correct?), take that puppy to 195* - 200*, remove from smoker, double wrap in HD foil & toss it in a cooler for at least an hour, pull it or chop it, toss about 3-4 oz on a cheap white bun and enjoy.

Read Butt 101 then re-read. You'll not be sorry.

Each butt is different. One may take 1 hr per lb (tho I've never had that luck) while others will take 2+ hours per lb. give yourself plenty of time.

Start in the evening before beddie-by. Set the temp at 180* and crank it up to 225* in the AM.

Do Not Open the Door to check on the butt!

Read Butt 101 then re-read. You'll not be sorry.

We're here to assist but better off learning on your own.

Take good notes, figure out what you wnt to change next time!

Come back here and give detailed report of what you did and how it all worked out.

Did I mention: Read Butt 101 then re-read. You'll not be sorry?

Good luck!
I'm a new guy, just 1 month with my CS. I did 2 separate butts last week both around 7 lbs. I smoked them each to 197* and they averaged about 2:30 hours/lb to get there. Had the smoker at 225 and butt on the bottom rack. (plan on trying one of the higher racks next time based on some forum research from today).

Both were amazing - high praises from everyone. You really can't do wrong with the 101s. Did a turkey for Thanksgiving using 101 guidance as well and it was delicious!
Okiesmokey, and all ...

Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions. Tomorrow is the day ... I will let you know afterward how it all came out! I'm using a butcher trimmed & tied 4lb. butt that will be overnighted in the fridge with a 50/50 mix of Cookshack Rib Rub + Ol' Western BBQ Spice. I plan on cooking as suggested in the Cookshack Smoking At Home booklet: either 2hrs. per pound, or reach and internal temp of 190* for pulling (180* was suggested for slicing, but I'm not doing that right now.) Anyway, I'll let everyone know how well it worked out on 12/10 or soon thereafter. Cheers!

PS - Hopefully it won't turn out as attached!


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Your 160* pork butt will be like shoe-leather.

"IF" you are going to pull the butt, 195* minimum internal temp.

What are your concerns with 200*? You're not going to burn it. It will come out looking like a meteorite either way.

From PB 101 (you DID read the 101, right...?) SmokinOkie says: "I also shoot for an internal of 205 (and I check several places before I'm sure -- it's hard to get a good consistent read on pork lots of fat can throw the reading off). If it's a small pork butt, I might cook it only to 190."

Trust me, if you are pullin' pork you'll not be disappointed with 195* or even 200*.

Now. Smoke that butt!!!
Ok, will do!

Right now @ 2.5 hrs into Smoke: Smoker at 280* & Butt at 163*. It's fluctuating obviously up and down (the Smoker), but will it get to the "Stall" point I've read about? It certainly must take longer than the way it's going so far. I was expecting 8 hrs, so the Cook temp is rising quicker than I expected to see.

What should I watch for?
(Starting to smell Real Good!)


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You are headed into the "plateau." The temp may even drop a degree or two. With a 4# butt you may be done in 8 hours but don't be concerned if it takes longer. "It done when it's done!"

You are cooking at 225* correct? Some like to 250* when they hit the plateau but I would rather be patient and allow the collagen and connective tissue to break down slowly and render out.

Hang in there!
Thanks, All! The "metorite" is wrapped up and in the basket! It hit 195* and then I turned off the cooker and let it -ride- for about 20 minutes while smoke was still rolling. Now it's in the "POT"!. I'm going inside and take a very HOT shower; it was a long COLD day here. I have to watch everything rather than sit inside so I know my equipment. It worked very well. Next time I will do that Nap, Sex, Lawn, Nap ... thingie!

Pulling it in about 1-hour, then let you all know tomorrow. Thank you SO much everyone for all the suggestions, and support. No longer nervous! Can't wait to do the next one!!!



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