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I just purchased a prime rib 7.8 pounds and want to smoke it for Christmas dinner tomorrow. My question is...can I go ahead and trim the bones off and place in smoker without the bones or should I leave the bones on during the smoking process?

Also....What is a good temp and time for a prime rib of this size?

Thanks in advance for helping out a rookie!
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Whenever I smoke a prime rib, I always leave the ribs on. I feel it helps the flavor overall of the roast. Plus it lets me get all caveman-like on the ribs the day after.

If your butcher did not cut and tie the roast for you, just cut between the ribs and the roast until there is just a small amount still attached. Then tie the ribs back onto the roast. This makes for easy seperation once the roast is ready to slice.

I smoke mine at 250-275. At these temps, it should take approx. 12-15 minutes per pound. Cook until to an internal temp of 125. When it hits that, pull the roast and give it a good thirty minute rest under some foil. Should be good to go.


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