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Welcome to the forum.

What smoker do you have?

First post, and you're wanting to do something new for easter?

My opinion.


We've seen too many times people want to do something the first time for a holiday that they've never done. It almost never works out. Why? Because it's a new recipe, new flavors and the timing doesn't work out because their smoker is different than yours.

We always, always recommend, never wait for a special day to do something the first time.

Now, if you MUST, then my advice.

1. Practice. Hams are cheap enough practice it at least once before the day. No matter what recipe you find, what someone likes may not be what you like. Whether it's me or someone else, you need to cook what you like.

2. Different? What's different? Just want a different rub that sugar/honey?

Have you smoked one before? Just smoking it will give it a different texture/flavor than sugar honey, just don't finish your good smoke with the sugar/honey.

Sorry for the Smokin' Post (what some here call it when I get on my soap box) on your first one, just wanted to throw it out for those wanting something new for their first time.

Don't be intimidated, if you still want to go for it, we'll help with something.

Do a look/search through this forum for "ham" and read some of the info, 10 years of posts is a lot of good info.

thanks for the advise smokin. I am going to do a test ham before the big day. I smoke ribs and pork but all the time. just with ham I did not know if its good to go low and slow or to cook it at 250. This is a great forum I just got on yesterday and I have already learned so much. what about injecting a ham. has anyone ever tried?
Cajun Injections sell a LOT of injection and I think all of them don't work worth a hoot.

All for the same reason, the injection is too thick. Thick injects would take days to migrate to other parts of the meat.

You could try injecting something, just go for something lighter, thinner. I inject mine with a brine, since I don't want to let it sit for 2 or 3 days in the brine. Just a basic brine.

And remember, you're not cooking the ham (if it's a store bought one) so all you're really doing is reheating. Only take it to 140 internal.
When dealing with any market,be sure you -and they- understand each other's thoughts.

I'm certainly no ham expert,but have been around several types of processes.

An uncooked and uncured pork ham,would cook up and be roasted/ pulled pork.

Wet cured hams[injected],but uncooked,require a full cooking and might still not be smoked.

Cold smoked and dry cured might still require a full cooking.

You might practice on a partially cooked,unsliced "city ham",as Smokin suggested.

You can follow their directions and cook to about 150* and it will add a little smoke and dry out a little of the salt water.

Somewhere around 225*-250* can't hurt none.

Just my $0.02

Have fun. Smiler
I have reheated three hams in the last 8 months - all wonderful! I used a simple glaze of honey, pinaeapple juice and ground clove. Depending on the size of the ham, make the glaze to the consistency you like. I prefer 1/4c. honey, 8 oz pineapple juice, and a small dash of grounf clove.

The hams that I buy are Lundy hams, which was recently puchased by Smithfield.

They usually are whole boned-in and weigh 17lbs.

Start at 225 with probe set for 140 - 150. This size could take 3-4 hours. After removing reglaze!

You will be very happy!
A key point in Tom's reply is to know your ham.

If it's truly a "fresh" ham, then it's not been prepared in any way (not cured, nothing). FSIS/USDA define fresh as "uncured leg of pork"

Key word being uncured.

If you don't cure it, you'll get a leg of pork when you smoke it.

If you cure it, you get ham. Cure turns the pork pink.

Stick with a cured ham and reheat it.

Here's the FSIS info on Ham and Food Safety:
FSIS Ham Food Safety
well I am smoking my ham with a mild spice dryrub and a honey,dijon mustard, brown suger and some apple juice, I injected it with maple syurp and apple juice to thin it out. I think it is doing very well. I am on hour 4 and the glaze is taking to the ham. I am exited to taste it to bad it will be after midnight when its done.
It got done at about 1230 am. It was great. lots of juice. I took it to the shop I work and everyone loved it. even my boss that hates sweet on his meat. cant wait till easter. thank you smokin and everyone for the great ideas. cant wait to be able to help someone out on this forum.

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