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I started 2 small, packer-cut briskets and a 7lb. butt last night at 10:30. I checked temp at 7:30 am and the butt was already at 200*. The briskets are already at 170*. We are not eating until 6:30 tonight. Should I try to hold this product in a cooler and lightly reheat near dinner time or should I place it in the fridge and reheat at 6pm? Please help as I normally just eat when the meat is done.
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OK, I will check all cuts again thoroughly. You're right...I've been fooled before by the probe in the pork being too close to the bone or in a fatty pocket. I've just never loaded my 055 with this much meat. It seems like this smoke took a fraction of the time it takes with just butt and blade in there.

Assuming that it will be done too soon, what would you suggest for holding the finished product (other than the standard foil, towels and preheated cooler)?
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Given the time, I'd pull the pork and refrigerate it. I'd slice the brisket flats and refridgerate. I'd leave the points whole and refrigerate, then return them to the smoker to continue cooking for several more hours or save them for burnt ends another day.

To reheat, I'd add some water and microwave.

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