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Looking for ideas, I went to food tv. I ran accross SEVERAL pork shoulder recipes that only call for going to 160 degrees for shredded pork sanwhiches. Isn't that just the temperature at which pork becomes safe to eat, not the ideal temp for pulled pork?

I know that I go a lot higher than that, like 185ish. Maybe 190.
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Mornin' Bodacious,

They are more about speed.

They do a lot of pork loin and the government thinks 160�is a good way to kill bacteria.

Butt will not have rendered much fat by then and still be pretty tough.

It could still be chopped in an electric chopper, with a heavy cleaver or even thinly sliced across the grains in separate pieces of muscle.

There is usually some pretty good humor to be found there. Wink

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