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My new smokette 025 just arrived friday and I was too excited to read the HOW TO USE THE SMOKER paragraphs and through in a 4 1/2 lbs chicken. I've used it a total of five times over the past two days trying to smoke steelhead as well (I'll have to work on that).
Is there a problem with not seasoning the smoker? What should I do now?

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Seasoning has to do with does it turn on?Does the wood smoke?Does it blow the breaker switch?
Does it seem to sort of hold some kind of fairly consistent average cooking temp when it is well loaded?With a correct independent therm,does it go up to around 250º?

Have the walls developed a good nonshiney black look?Think black iron skillets,eventually?

Then,if you cook a couple times a week,for a year,it should be pretty well seasoned.

You can't do it wrong,so go cook a bunch and enjoy it.
independent therm

Thanks for that extra info. It goes up to temp and holds pretty well within a few degrees. Smokes great. No electrical problems. I haven't checked it with an independent thermometer but now that you mention it, I'll check that.
The walls are getting a dark coating and the backgoound is no longer glossy. I used ice to help cool some salmon down and that might have helped.

Thanks a lot for the info

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