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Seems like about once a month,we discuss some part of Aaron Franklin's brisket technique.

For those that have not seen it,here is his cooking comparison among naked,foiled ,and his paper wrapped packers.

Franklin brisket wraps.

For those of you that have followed the forum from its inception,you'll hear the constant words of another fine brisket cook at the end.

Smokin'Okie,"only change one thing at a time and you'll be a fine brisket cook"!
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Thanks for posting the link, Tom. I have always foiled. My next brisket is going to be naked (unless the Mrs asks me to do one for friends/company). Will do it the same as usual. Only thing being different is no foil.

Haven't said it in a while, but I love and appreciate this forum and all its contributors!

Thanks ladies & gents!!! Big Grin
Thanks for the well-wishes, Tom. We are in good shape - north and a little east of Little Rock. We're supposed to get a nice soaking rain which will do the garden good. Hope all is well in FL. We are thinking about heading to the Gulf side in a year or two. These old bones need 60*+ year-round these days!

Appreciate ya...

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