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This may have been posted here before but I saw this posted on The Smoke Ring site if anyone is interested. After seeing that others were actually receiving these banners and it was not a scam, I ordered one for myself just now. You pretty much pay shipping which equaled $12.50 for me. You can upload images, etc. Check it out. Offer ends Dec 31 I believe.

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Stu, I found out about this offer via my brother, Trucky1008. I went on the site and designed my own banner for my annual christmas party. I uploaded 3 photos from past parties and the photos actually came out very good. I paid a little extra for faster shipping because I wented it before dec. 20th. It came in and it looks GREAT. I am planning on designing another banner real soon.
Dennis Trucky9754
Just wanted to bump this up. While they're not free anymore, they are still just $9.99 + s/h for a 3x6 or 2x8 banner, or some smaller sizes too. Two sign limit at that price. I've ordered several for myself and others and have been very pleased. Two 2x8 full color banners with guaranteed 1 week delivery was $42 for me. One similar size banner from my usual sign company was $102 with discount.

Use link above to go to special page. All shown designs can be changed completely including background color, fonts, everything. Watch shipping options as their default is a dead slow 5-6 week delivery. You can upgrade to 1 week for ~$8.00 more.

FWIW, they identify your order off your email address so..........

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