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Hi Kathy. Ive been cooking my briskets & butts frozen since I found out Jack does too. Works fine as long as it fits in the cooker! lol I spray a little Pam on mine then rub. The dry rub sticks better that way. Only thing I didnt like was opening the smoker to put in the temp probe after its cooked a while. Cant put a probe in frozen meat.

doing great Smiler, thanks for asking. get some pics of that baby when it's done so i can see some oklahoma cookin... im doing the second flat of my career this weekend, wish me luck. im going to inject this one, try to get a bit more moisture into it.

what are you going to use for a rub on your brisket?
at the 6 to 8 hour mark you will find a crossover point where the interior temps on the frozen will match the non-frozen. it is a commercial cooking technique and will result in marginally smaller shrinkage losses.
the cooker doesn't matter. works the same on sm and fec and big old southern prides. just the laws of thermo-dynamics.
ps. to inset a probe into frozen brisket just warm it up in hot water. goes right in
I took off the cryovac and sat the brisket on a platter in the frig and went shopping!! It is still hard at 7 pm and I think I will try to stick it in frozen tonight or tomorrow am.
Fishguy I am sure your brisket will be good.I take a base of Montreal steak-type rub and add some cumin,any kind of cookshack rub I have and anything else that looks good-maybe a bit of brown sugar.
The best tip I ever got was one from Tom to use low sodium beef broth after I pull and before I wrap.I usually add some sauce to it.
I decided I should some patience and get it at least semi thawed.As you said, I would have to use the lowest rack and prop it,so it would slide down the side...just got to sounding like not so great an idea unless it was a dire emergency.I usually do put it in water as Tom suggested but had already slit off the wrapping and forgot I had some giant zip locks I could have put the brisket in.
I asked my husband if he wanted me to just use salt and pepper and garlic and cook had without wood so it had a traditional beef flavor.He voted for some Smoke..He is hooked.
Ive enjoyed this thread and it has given me new ideas.. especially for probe placement in frozen meats! Thanks for the ideas. I stopped using my old standard Montreal Steak Seasonings once I tried Butcher Block Garlic Lovers Steak Seasoning from HomeBBQ. My wife doesnt like cracked pepper and MSS too spicy for her. THe new seasoning is lighter on pepper but heavy on garlic and we just love it. Even good on smoked wings or steaks grilled over charcoal!! And HomeBBQ is one of us, right? Its definatly worth a try!


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