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Well, just checked the refer again. and the meat still has alot of frost on it. 42 packers for a scout fund raiser this friday evening and satruday.

It weighed 500lbs. That's the most brisket I have done at one time. Should be lots of fun. the best part is it is all pre-sold. And still have to do another 12 in the next week to finish everything we've sold.

This time I am going to try and get some pics of the event.

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I really only like using the top two trays on the FEC100's for the long cooks. So I will put four in each and then 34 in the 500 on the ten trays.

We will have about ten people to help open wash and dry the packers and then trim and rub them down. On saturday, we will wrap and finish them. Pull them and place thme in warmers and cambros to hold for pick up.

We will place meat wrapped in pans and the customers will pick up.

That looks great. I was wondering how many packers you could put on the 500. I will put that info into my memory bank as well as the amount of rub. Was the total time cook time 14 hrs? At what temp?
I just loaded my 500 with 32 butts and 13 big brisket flats. I cooked at 250 deg for 10-12 hrs. Right side was hotter and bottom shelf was cooler than the top shelf. Great info.
I uploaded from camera to my hard drive and then to photo bucket. Then I created the post and copied the last line to the post. When I opened the post, it was the size above.

Went back to photo bucket and slected resize and went with a much smaller size, hit update, then copied to this site again, and it was still the large size?? Just glad it didn't crash something.

These were IBP choice packers, 12lb average. We sold them for $65 each. Target proffit was $25, we hit $28 after all costs.

Had a good group of men and boys working on it. Already have orders for the next, if we do it before the trip. Still have 12 more to cook. they over sold my limit.


I like having three packers per rack. Turn them a little and they fit fine. But four was pushing it. They touched as the trays turned, which really worried me. Dumped 6 gallons of bean is it once from touching. That was a mess but my fault. Right side did cook faster with the fan blowing on them directly. Top tray was quicker, bottom about 3 hours behind the top. But I also put the larger cuts on the bottom to make sure they had room. Ran cooker at 234 full time.

The cooked pics were befroe we wrapped and finished them. Top rack was on for another 1 1/2, and the lowers maybe 3-5 more hours.

I have a warmer cabinet and then used my comercial oven also to keep things warm till pickups were made. Also had two cambros.

Put all meat in pans and then put lids on them so they could be stacked.

iSmoke, this would be a good fund raiser for your guys. this was an OA Lodge doing this, for NOAC. Read of a Troop in Texas that did this with 100 briskets.
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I had forgotten the foil strips. Yep, this is what they are for. Thought about getting it welded on face. But kept forgetting.

Did 70 racks of ribs, and it helped me keep track on timing.

Grease was about 5 gal. Really thought it would be a little more. The 500 holds the grease in the bottom, of the floor of the smoker. then it has a ball valve to let it drain out. I use a pan and then poured into a bucket.

In hind sight I should have put the four smaller pieces onthe bottom trays and the three larger ones on the top trays. They would have finished together time wise. but Holding them would have become more of an issue.
You had mentioned that the photos were taken before the briskets were "wrapped and finished". Are you saying that each brisket was wrapped in foil and put back on the smoker to finish off? I always foil my briskets for the last few hours, but I only smoke a few at a time. Just wondering if you foil to finish with large batches of briskets?

I always wrap for my comp briskets. Jus the way I was taught.

Did everything like I would for comp except injection.

We add a few things when we wrap.

This is the second go around, and we have few more the kids will have raised about $2,400 when we get done. And the finish will be doing pork meals in May for about 150 people. May earn about $450 more then.
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You mentioned top cooking faster then bottom and right cooking faster than left. My 100 has hot spots too and when I first discovered it, I kinda worried, thinking I had a problem. But the more I cook, the more I realize that seldom does one put two identical pieces of meat in the smoker, and knowing where to put the larger piece has a lot to do with timing. Anyone considering a FEC, of whatever size should not be afraid of the minute variations in heat here and there: to a seasoned cook, it's and asset!

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