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I made a glaze for the ribs last night. Worked out fine. Spur of the moment thing. Like having a little Smokin Okie pop up on your shoulder. Smokin or Tom, one of the gurus here in the Cookshack Nation, said the other day that them ole boys on the BBQ circuit sometimes finish off prize-winning ribs with a honey glaze.

So, I found an opened bottle of chili sauce in the fridge. The red stuff. Looks like ketchup. About a 1/2 cup of that. 1/4 cup honey. That was the base, and almost good enough as it stood. Added a shot of Oriental stirfry sauce. And a shot of Lissett's Secret Sauce (which is a secret, but is sort of like the stirfry sauce: sweet-sour with a kick of habanero). Added a dash of cayenne.

Started painting this goop on the ribs an hour before they were done. Adds that red tomato sauce color. But, risk of burning.

Then, at the end, one more paint job, and threw the ribs on a fiery hot gas grill.
Less than 1 minute per side. The caramalizing happens fast.

Great looking glaze, great color, great flavor. The flavor worked right into the smoked ribs.

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