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Well last week I did my 1st case of PBs on the FEC and everything worked out nice. Really made me happy that I bought a thermapen. I put the biggest in the hot corner and the smallest in the cool corner, probed them booth. Used the thermapen on all of them when things got close, worked SWEET.

The daughter called last night and wondered if I could smoke her a couple of PBs, well now no more butts, so I had to make a trip back to Sam's for more butts. I was totally shocked tonight when the meat cutter said that they didn't have another case. He said come back at 3am, that's when they will be delivered.

He must have seen the disgust in my eyes as I headed to the PB cooler, to get a pack of marked up butts. I guess the browsing through the brisket cooler paid off, cause he showed up with his price marker and told me to pick out 5 packages of PBs and he would let me have them for the 1.49 case price. Yeah I know, theres not 5 packages of butts in a damn, my case had 5 in it and I'm not mad about it at all!

Guess a fella gets lucky ever once in a while.
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Speaking of which, I saw a pretty cool way of determining hot spots the other day...on facebook of all places.

Preheat your smoker to 300 o Pop open a can of Pillsbury biscuits. Place 9 of them on a rack shelf using a 3 across x 3 deep grid pattern. Wait about 15 minutes until they begin to brown.
Snap a picture of the results.

If you REALLY wanna get specif, load up all shelves at the same time. You'll be eatin' a lotta leftover biscuits Smiler
That has been here on the forum for a few years,and as Max knows it is specific to YOUR cooker,in many cases.

Max would be an expert from cooking on flattops and griddles.

Smokin'-our technical guru as always-mapped his early version of our FECs as to shelves,points of cooking,etc.
Smokin' then showed the variances in degrees at all the points.

These may still be in the FIND if we search.

This is why I preach "what is the ACTUAL temp,at the ACTUAL point you are placing the product.

Those dial settings could be like wishing how tall your kids will be.

Fun,but not real helpful. Big Grin
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Yeah, I have ran across it while reading ALL of Smokin's posts, well maybe not all of them...LOL! FE Map Test, I'd say that my FEC has hot and cold spots in the same area.

Max, I did biscuits the first day with my FEC, but used cheap always save brand, made sure I did all 4 shelves, also.

It is FUN playing around with the smoker, but cooking 2 shelves full of PBs has practical experience written all over it...Yum Yum!

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