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Do you guys have any good whole chicken recipes for the FEC-100? I read about smoking whole chickens in the other forum here but they seem to base much of their technique on the non-FEC smokers extensively (low temp maximums, water pans, etc.)

I'm not new to smoking meat, but I've actually never smoked chickens (or turkey) for whatever reason. Do you have any suggestions?
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You are correct, most of the forum has been around for about 7 years before the FE's came to CS.

Did you do a search on Chicken in just the FE forums (go to the Find/Advanced tab and read the options, select only the FE forums)

Brine whole ones for 24 hours


Put in a 275 to 325 smoker (start it on lower smoke if you want more flavor)

Cook to an internal temp of 160 white/175 dark

How's that?
Smokin' is dead on right.
I did three whole chickens yesterday on my Cookshack (with a little help from Smokin and this forum when one of the Maverick probes went bad) and they were great.
I brined them in a simple brine, put some CS rub on the birds, cooked them until the meat hit 175 (actually a little bit north of that b/c of the problems with my non-CS thermometer), and TLC'd them for about 45 minutes.
I then quartered the chickens which I could have done with butter knife they were so tender and watched my guests go back for seconds...and thirds.
The real secret to my chickens is that metal label on the top of my smoker which reads:
My wife is a bit of a FOO-FOO so we only do organic.

We have found that with her brand brining is unneeded as the un-enhanced organic chickens always are really moist.

So for us it's either a light seasoning with cookshack chicken rub, or cookshack chicken & rib rub or Texas rub depending on whether we want spicy or sweet.

I've done whole and butterflied and they are both great although I think that the butterflied cook a bit quicker at higher temps.

We no longer do BB chickens but will sometimes stand them on a sitter.

Smokem low and slow or hot and fast we are good for one a week.
Heavy rub on the inside, medium coating on the outside. On a stand on the first rack (from the bottom) with the second removed and use the third for additional. Can get up to 10 in a verical arrangement. Cook at 250 on the fec for about 3 hours. They will be done.

Do them this way about every two weeks for customers and the technique never varies. They always come out juciy.


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