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While out looking for some cast iron pieces i came across a Cookshack smoker for sale at a crazy price Eeker so it came home with me. I think its a SM008. Did this smokers come with a drip pan or do you just use a throw away?

I am not new to cooking but this is my first electric. I am looking forward to smoking some cheese!
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No drip pan, I go to the dollar store and buy a 9x13 cake pan and slide under mine, then wash it and reuse it will usually hold everything that comes out, have had 33# of pork butts in it and it held all the drippings.

As for cheese CS makes a cold smoke baffle, I have one and it works but I still have to keep an eye on things. This is what I use now, I hope it is not against the rules to post the link.

I slide my chip box out and sit it on the holder the box slides over and since yo are not using the element to heat the wood there is little heat and no melted cheese.

Congratulations on a good find and happy smoking, you will enjoy the heck out of it, and so will your neighbors and family, and the people at work.

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