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I have had a smokette for 10 years and it is going strong... so I decided to add the PG 500 to my arsenal.  It arrived today and all is good after seasoning for 1hr.   However, I am concerned about 1 thing, shouldn't the grease deflector shield spread across the area below the zone 4 grates?   The one that has come with my PG500 does not stretch across all the way.  If I were to put meat across the entire rack, some grease would go into the warming box.   Is this the normal grease deflector size?


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Thanks for the heads up on the foil.  I had already foiled the ash drawer and grease deflecter.

I probably need to work on my foiling skills when it comes to the ash drawer... foil ripped when I went to empty the ash.   Warming pan no problem.

I have to say that I am loving this already.   Great pulled pork on Friday,  veggies were cooked in it on Saturday, Fish on Sunday, and tonight...    

Looking like my smokette might be relegated to cheese, jerky, smoke dried cherry tomatoes, and chipotle (smoke dried Jelepenos).


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