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Originally posted by Ed Porter:
I've searched the subject of green wood and non-seasoned wood with only a couple hits and no definitive answer. So...since the recent ice storm has supplied me with an abundance of green hickory my newbie question is - can I use green wood in my SM025??

Can use, or should use?
You probably can but you won't like the result.
Adjectives that might apply: Bitter, Creosoted,
Thanks Tom! I've got a five gallon bucket full of 2" diameter by about an inch thick pieces. I'll give them plenty of time to dry before using them. It's too bad I don't have a good way to split the big stuff since I have two 40' hickory trees on the ground right now. In the meantime, I'll take your advice on buying some bagged chunks at the store.
Hi Ed, If you google seasoned firewood you will come up with what you are looking for. If I were better at computers I would give you the links. Check out Johns post under wood, you are sitting on a gold mine. Big Grin Never burn green wood my friend.
Last thought: If you have a contractor comeing to take away the trees, tell him part of the deal is to cut several 20 inch pieces from the trunk.He may even split them. Hope this helps Smiler
Thanks Big! It's at my weekend place in the mountains, so I'M the contractor! (ha) I just spent two days there and have cut both of the trees up - the brush from them is on the burn pile, the rest is stacked and I'll deal with it when I can.

Wow!! You're right - I AM sittin g on a gold west coast standards anyway!

Hey, thanks for your input. I'm continually amazed at the wealth of info on this forum!

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