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I remember eating the best Virginia Smoked Ham when I was a kid and I'd like to learn how to make one. Do any of you have some pointers?

I'm also looking for general suggestions/recipes for various smoked ham styles. I have a store bought partially cooked and hickory smoked ham that I plan to cook soon.

Thanks for your help!

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The store bought,partially cooked,basically need a full warming.

I think on the Smithfield wrappers,they used to say heat to an internal of 148�.

That takes care of the varmits.

Virginia hams put you into the curing process,which most folks at home don't mess with.

Best bet is to buy one cured and cook to the packer's instruction.

Virginia Hams

You can also take a good quality grocery ham,inject with flavor,smoke at least overnight,at 200� with some fruit wood.

You can virtually pull the ham,like a butt.
Last year, for New Years Eve, I had bought a Smithfield sugar cured, hickory smoked, spiral sliced 18 lb ham. Cost me over $120 counting shipping. But it was delicious. I grew up in VA and ate these all my early life, but cant remember a time one tasted better. I have read about the process to make one and it's nothing I would try at home. And mine was also safe to eat cold, which we all did. For months afterward too. Smiler


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