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I,too, would like to wish my new found family a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Because of all the nice folks on the forum, I have learned the basics of becoming a fine cook this past year and the path that I need to use to get me to the place I want to go.

I would also like to thank our armed forces for the freedom to eat turkey with my family. I'm sorry to say that yesterday we laid to rest a young man, in our community, that gave the ultimate price for our freedom. May God bless his family and the USA.
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
Happy Thanksgiving to you all too.

I feel like the Butterball Help Line, I've gotten about 30 emails this morning asking for "emergency" help.

Big Grin Big Grin

And I'm sure you have 30 happy people who know they have someone who can help them out. Would be a great read if you were to put them in a document like an FAQ format. (hint hint)

Happy Thanksgiving to you all as this is truly a wonderful forum with many great people willing to share their knowledge.

Jer in Va

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