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Next time you order online, you might want to consider searching on "Chicago Polish sausages". Chicago has the 2nd largest Polish city population in the world after Warsaw.

There are at least 20 types of Polish sausages with the most popular here being the "Maxwell Street style or Vienna hot varieties. The more authentic varieties are the Kielbasas. Unfortunately I cant recommend any online places to shop from since I have a Polish Deli very nearby and buy my Kishke & Sausage etc. fresh when the mood strikes, but I have heard Bobak's is ok, although I think they are the hot dog stand variety and are definite South Side, not Milwaukee Ave (North side) Polish.

As to the recipe request here is one I have from one of my former neighbors, who recently passed away, (she was a kind very old country Polish lady):

5 lbs lean pork butt
2 cloves of garlic [I'd use a lot more- or you can use powdered garlic]
1 teaspoon black pepper
2 Tablespoons of salt
mustard seed to taste

Grind the meat coarsely or dice it into small cubes; mix well with the garlic, pepper and salt.

Clean the casings well, then stuff them and hang the meat in the smoker, using hickory wood for smoke.

BTW: Her recipe called for "hanging the meat in the smokehouse daily for about a week". What that equates to in a CS is anyone's guess!

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