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Thanks Que n rn - Same to you! I second that sentiment and wish everyone the same.

It is 1:00 am here in NJ and unfortunately I am still awake. I am waiting for my holiday honey ham to reach the 155 IT so I can take it out, glaze it and rest it outside overnight in the 31* temp. Safely on my upper deck of course.

Good night all and enjoy your family and friends.
We're Nine Hours ahead of Oklahoma, Here in Qatar and had a wonderful thanksgiving day. At least, the best it could be without my beloved Family. Began the Day early at the 5K turkey trot here on post, in Qatar. Followed by our 10am Thanksgiving Worship service for the Soldiers.

The lunchtime experience was something. Steamship round, Lobster Tails, Ham (first pork we've had in three months), turkey and about four different kinds of pies. The Dining Facility folks, did some neat melon and ice sculptures. We had a little cake-cutting ceremony to begin the meal with a prayer. In the long-standing Army Tradition, all of the Leaders served the meal to the Soldiers.

Miss everyone more than you know, especially My wife and boys. Don't let anyone tell you different, the holidays are the hardest when deployed.

Thanks to all my forum friends. It's like stepping into your kitchens, with every post I read. Happy Thanksgiving and try to look up, to the true source of All blessings this season. Blessings, Chaplain Bill
I, for one, would feel a great loss if this forum should ever cease to operate.

SmokinMAINEiac, I agree, if the forum ever stopped it would be terrible. But luckly, we have a backup plan. We'd all just send all of our posts snail-mail to Smokin, who would make paper copies and mail them back and forth to all the members. He'd have a heck of a postal bill, but at least the forum would do fine. Smiler

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