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That's about the way a new BBQ place here in town is.. I tried some two weeks ago. the flavor was about like a roast, with little seasoning. They had cut in at around a 45 degree angle to the grain, and it pulled just about as hard as the video. Another comp cook here in the area took him a few cuts off his brisket. The comp cook madethe comment it was one of his better briskets. And he does pretty well in comps. Well the store owner tried it, and after a while he just said it was pretty good. One of the guys working there said I well ours is better, and the wife of the owner said she liked her husbands better.

I would like to see the place go. But if they can't tell good meat from not good. I don't think they will make it.

The two of use who compete, are going to enter a rib cook here in my town. And the store owner is going to be there to. I think his is going to get a bigger shock on real Q.

Hey Randy, forgot to tell you that the 12 bones place in you area is not the same folks from Asheville. They juuuust started on their second joint in Arden NC.

Oh....and don't send me to the place you're talking bout! Big Grin

There's a new joint called okee dokie's in swannanoa. Stuff ain't too bad. I gotta get moving on starting my joint before the woods are full of them!!
A word of warning ,about local rib cooks,etc is the customers may not judge what we feel to be "correctly cooked" product as "good".

More than a few cooks have entered the local contest,put out well prepared slabs, to find that the guy that steamed his slabs the longest, and let them swim a few hours in the $0.77/quart red sauce,was the hands down favorite. Eeker

Good luck and have fun.

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