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What are some opinions about the smoke levels using center heartwood (darker) vs the lighter pieces of wood from the same species.

It seems that I get heavier smoke from the darker pieces. For instance some pieces of hickory are pink vs the ones that are creme colored.

Not too worried (well not worried at all) but would like some feedback from some that have burned a few more chunks than me.
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Originally posted by GLH:
I like the heartwood. I feel the smoke is higher quality. It needs to season a bit longer, but the heartwood naturally contains more aromatic qualities which equates to more flavor to the meat. I think this holds true to all species.


GLH, I think I agree with you. I found DMK's thread interesting as soon as I read it.

I have noticed that sometimes my product has a lighter color and that at those times the smoked flavor is lighter, even though I usually use about the same amount of wood. When the smoked color is darker it seems to be richer tasting, not necessarily smokier tasting.

I've never really paid attention to what kind of wood I'm burning, heartwood vs outer layers, other than species. In the future I will be.

Maybe we have a biochemist or rocket scientist here that can shed some more light on the subject.

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