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After three weeks of agonizing over price versus capacity, reading this forum for pros and cons, and carefully counting my pennies to make sure I could afford it, I finally put my order in for the SM045 today. I really think it is going to be more capacity than I'll need 95% of the time, but finally decided I would never regret having too much capacity.

One thing has been bothering me, though. As I have read through these forums, I've noticed a common theme: Cookshack's Smokette makes smoking *really* easy. I am pretty sure the only (or at least a primary reason) my wife keeps me around is because she can't BBQ, and if she finds out how easy the Smokette is to use, I might find myself being replaced by an insulated stainless steel box. I am hoping others here have faced similar concerns, so I would really appreciate it if you could share your experiences and hints on how to make it *appear* like you are doing some serious work with the Smokette..

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Congrats on your purchase. Your gonna love it.
The key is perfection. I hate to say it but you are never done. Once you think you've found your new favorite meal one of the great cooks on this site will post up something that will be your new favorite. Put out new different great food and the wifey will think you are a BBQ God.

Happy Wife = Happy Life
Coming from "the wife", my husband and kids love the food I make. My husband is a very busy man and loves that I make all the meals. It is very easy to use, but....

The prep takes some thought, what spices to use, what cuts of meat, how long to marinate, sit with rub - you will have to spend lots of time researching the forum/online.

Then you have to figure out times and temps for cooking.

Don't forget all the sides to make with the Q.

Have fun with it, congrats and welcome to the forum.
Lucky LaRue- you are lucky, indeed.
Welcome to thge forum- keep looking for an unimagineable wealth of information.

I've had my SMO45 for just over a year now- worth every penny. You won't regret the extra room.

As for the Mrs.- I don't think I'd worry.
Mine loves the outcome and would much rather watch me "work" (ha ha) at the smoker.

Lotsa Que out there- have fun exploring and experimenting.

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