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SO, I'm charged with making 8 butts for my daughter's graduation party at 2pm on Saturday.

Here was my plan:
- 4 butts in 6pm Thursday and out noon Friday. Cooler, Pull, vacuum bag and hold for party.
- 4 more butts in around noon on Friday and out about 8 am Saturday. Cooler, Pull and hold for party.

Well... I bought a new Maveric ET732 temp probe. When I started smoking last night, the Maverick said my smoker was 290F and my meat was rising way to fast. So, I turned the smoker down to 180 and went to bed.

This morning, the EZT732 said the smoker was still 270 and the meat was 240. I was scared. I checked the meat with a good, glass meat thermometer. It read 140 and the butts didn't look like charcoal.

So I turned the smoker back to 235. I expect the butts to be done around 6pm. I can cooler, pull and hold those for the party.

Assuming my smoker isn't available until 6 or 8pm tonight, what can I do to get the other 4 butts done???

Also, I'll be cooking sorta blind since I don't have a working temperature probe. I can't keep opening the over every hour to use my meat thermometer...
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Tough break on the Maverick. Mine arrived DOA as well and attempts to return it were futile.

As Cal suggests, grab a probe them at Target, Wally World, etc.

As for the butts in the smoker, if they're bone-in, tug on the blade bone. If it gives a bit, or pulls out, the PB's are done. An alternative would be to insert a skewer or ice pick and test resistance. Easy in and out = done.
Meat only asorbs smoke flavor up to 140 degrees (so I understand), so after the IT of the butts hits 140 you can increase the smoker temp to get them done sooner. You could have moved the first butts to you kitchen oven after they hit 140 IT and started smoking the second set of butts.

At 188 you may have to slice and chop rather than pull the pork. But, myself, I never met a pork product I didn't love, so it's all good!
Thanks for all your help. I turned out great.

I had 4 butts vacuum bagged and ready as backups.

The other 4 butts came out of the smoker at 1:00. The temp was 190F and they seemed a bit more shrunken than normal butts. But I foiled them and waited for the party.

I pulled two butts at 2:00. Everyone started digging in and really liked the butts.

I pulled another butt around 3:00.

At 4:, I pulled another butt. It was still very warm.

At 6:00, I boiled a vacuum-bag butt. That tasted great too..

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