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i followed the instructions that came with my smokette . the 2 butts were 3 pounds apiece theyve been in for 6 hours and there internal temp is still only 158 nowhere near the 190 i was told to look for and the approx. hour and a half a pound went out the window 2 hours ago , not to mention that my smokette keeps going up and down even tho i have it set at 225 , help !!!!
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Zippy -- Don't panic! Two hours+ per # especially in a new smoker is not uncommon.

Sounds like you are hung in the infamous plateau. Once the temp reaches 175˚ it will climb faster.

Have you tested your therm to know that it's reading properly? 212˚ in boiling water and 32˚ in ice.

Have you tested your smoker to know tthat it's reaching it's optimal temp (225˚ setting = 225˚)?

Remember the theme of BBQ "It's done whhen it's done!"

Now, throw the recipe part of that book out the window and look at the recipes in the foruum! Big Grin
jz - I hope you have not been opening the door Eeker The instructions that come may be off on actual cook time. It's better to get a idea on approx cook times from this forum. You will find that each cut of meat is different. The most important piece of info you should trust is "It's done when it's done". Just hang in there and wait until it hits the target temp. You will be glad you did.
Now settle down, it will be OK. If something was to be wrong with that little jewel, CookShack will make it right, but I doubt anything is wrong. When you opened the door, 225*F went to whatever your outside temp is in about .5 seconds. Remember that lesson for the next cook. A full load of meat will actually cook better than 1 or 2 small roasts. Did you leave it on 225*F or turn it all the way up to 250*F? My Smokette will only average around 235 when empty, and it turns out consistently wonderful Q weekly!

Welcome to the crew!


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