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I am trying to repair a very old 2003 and abused SM260 that I was given as a non-starter.

I have so fare replace one of the heating elements which was snapped, and the thermocouple (also snapped). I have fixed the controller so that it at least turn on now (dead mosfet) and replaced a lot of the old generic components. In essence everything powers up and i can press start but nothing happens, and i cannot measure any V on the SSR. The only thing that stands out is that it starts up with the oven temp at 100. I have a feeling that the cabling has been messed up  but the manual everything seems to go to earth not neutral (UK). So this is the connector on the board. 1 Green is earth, 2 blue is ssr 4, 3 purple is ssr 3, 4 grey is oven probe, 5 na, 6 na, 7 brown AC 10, 8 AC 10 PWR Swi, (9 red, 10 white seem to be leds).

Fyi i have connected the cooker (elements, oven temp, SSR)  to a n1050 pid, and it all works fine.

any help much appreciated i am hoping to save it, but i know i can fall back to the pid.


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Hello, thanks for the reply. The thermal safety is working I tested the connection, and it is closed, and I gave it a quick clean. I will try to find where the door switch is wired back too or do you know where or what colour cable it is? Is it possible to shorten it just to prove the problem? I was thinking it was possible the K thermocouple not wited as the oven temp is displayed at 100 from power up.

Your a star. I just went back to do that, and I noticed that one of the red
cables for the door sensor was not in the connector block properly. I
plugged it back in and smoker fired up ov on ssr4 and 15v on ssr3 both
heaters came on. The only problem left is the oven temperature as it
quickly went past 230f, and didn't stop but the controller still said oven
temp 100. I have replaced the old thermocouple that was in there because it
was snapped inside the oven. But the new one only has 2 cables (red/white)
while the old one is black, white, and green, which is an earth. Is it
possible it is wired the wrong way?
Oo that’s not going to be easy to find google only come up with semi conductor chips not a probe, and I couldn’t see it on cookshack either.

Kind Regards Noel


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Darren, from American BBQ should be sending you an order. Thanks for your help btw.

Will it have to be wired different because in the diagram it is connected to the grey cable, and the red cable that is part of the door switch that we shorted to earth.

Kind Regards Noel

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