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So I had one of those bright ideas while at Costco. I seem to remember someone along the way in my reading saying that Montreal Steak seasoning is great with pulled pork.

Well, I bought the big ol' container of montreal and flooded to shoulders and smoked them up.

I left one whole (bringing it to a family gathering in a couple days), and pulled the other one and did sauce.

Let's just put it this way, it's way too freakin salty! I believe the bark is where the salt stayed, but it's all mixed in now and I am due to serve a bunch of people this weekend all waiting for this.

Is there any way I can cut down the salt on this batch, or am I going to be serving boatloads of lemonade?
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Thanks for the fast response, John..

I added sauce - it was Sweet Baby Ray's original, which is pretty sugary as it is. I'll try some apple juice tomorrow before I leave to see if it cuts it a little.

I also plan on trying to cut off the bark from the other shoulder before mixing it up to see if that shoulder is salvageable. Sadly, I won't have the time to smoke another before I depart - this one too a LONG time to climb over the plateau.

Any other suggestions?
Best I can say is go through and pick out the bark, that's what that flavor you're trying to get rid of. You could also "soak" it in water or AJ for a while, then discard it. That's an Extreme suggestion.

Then add rub and sauce at the end for flavor.

And don't EVER do that to pork again... LOL.

I'm sure it wasn't me that said use Montreal. It's great on beef, and pork does like salt, usually.

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