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Hi All- was at BJ's tonight and this big 10 pound Beef Round Round tip was staring up at me from the meat department. i figured what the home, rubbed it with mustard and a little of this and a little of that and put it in the fridge. Planning on putting it in the smoker before work tomorrow morning.

My question this meat pullable i.e. get it to around 200 degrees like a brisket? I have a hankering for pulled beef, but I'm not sure if I'm goiung to end up with a roast beef instead that I'll need to chop. Any advice out there as to what I should expect from this hunk of meat and what temp I should bring it too?

Thanks in advance!
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Round is a bit too lean and without decent coonective tissue(at least to my tastes)for good results from low and slow cooking. Our local BJ's usually has beef shoulder roasts in the 10 lb range. If you don't see them ask. I have been cokking these off and on all spring. They are great! I rub and smoke/cook to about 200 (about 13-16 hrs in my 009) then rest and pull. Much better than round
Thanks for the quick responses. It's in the smoker at 225 right now. We'll see what we get at the end of the day!

I was hoping it might be pullable so I could serve it up next weekend at our annual Big BBQ bash along with pulled pork, ribs, salmon and chicken. But I may just have to slice it up like GLH said.

I'll post my results.
If you want the roast to be pullable,you'll need to treat it more like a pot roast.

When it gets to about 160* internal,place it on double foil,or in a foil pan.

Paint it with your red sauce of choice,sprinkle a little worcestershire sauce and 1/2 cup beef broth.

Slice a large yellow onion and place over the top.

Drizzle some liquid margarine all over the top and seal tightly.

Cook to about 195* internal,and let rest in a warm cooler for a couple hours.

You should get a little that is slicable,and more that is pullable.

As said above,chuck has more internal moisture for pulling easily.

Hope this helps a little,and let us know.
Great advice from Tom. Got home from work and the temp was a little high (185*). Put it in a foil pan, some tomtao based sauce, melted butter and sliced onions) back in the smoker till it reached 195*. It looked great! It pulled apart a few hours later pretty nicely and it's pretty tasty. Total cook time 13 1/2 hours.

This will go into the freezer and will be served along with pulled pork, ribs, salmon and chicken wings for our annual bbq next week.

Thanks again for the help.


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