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Do NOT substitute TQ for salt. Two completely different animals.

TQ will cure. You can use it, but I can't give you a quantity to put in there, but it will turn it pink like a ham or a pastrami.

You have to use enough brine to cover. It's more an issue of surface area whether you'll need more than a gallon or less. Put them in a ziplock bag and it takes less.

If you use TQ, the duration of the brine is a guess.
Smokin' is the undisputed master for most of our hobby/trade/profession on brining,so he'll have the answers.

Mine is to the question,as to what are you seeking/anticipating with your brining operation?

Are you doing another loin,unbrined,as a comparison?

I'll be interested,to see if you achieve your goal.

Please let us know.
The brine is from a recipe from thenforum lists. I asked the questions to insure that I made enough brine to cover the loin. Now I know what to do. I was also curious to see if one could substitute cure for salt. I really did not know and smokie answered the question. That is really it. Will let you know how the brine works


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