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Donna, we must be on the same wavelength or something. I came in here to use the computer with cookbook in hand and thught I'd look for your bookstore first. Not only did I find your store, but your pictured book is the one I planned to mention. You know what they say about great minds.....

Anyway, I'd thought I'd say a few words about Dr. BBQ's book, Big-Time Barbeque Cookbook. I've got several, okay most, of the BBQ focused books that are available, but I've never happened across one from Dr. BBQ(Ray Lampe) so my collection was incomplete. Truthfully, I am pretty much over BBQ books because of their overlap and repitition. How many recipes for baked beans do you really need? But I saw the above named book from Dr. BBQ for cheap somewhere so I picked up a copy. It was a good buy.

Sure it has it's share of traditional favs, but it has enough new ideas, or at least better executed ideas, than most other books of it's type. I usually figure that if I get one recipe or idea from a book that I'll use for the rest of my life, then the book is worth owning. I think Dr. BBQ's Big-Time Barbeque Cookbook has several I'll use, so it's a winner as far as I'm concerned.

The smoked fish dips are very good, but his sweet and sour smoked pork is excellent. The things I was looking for mostly are ways to use leftovers, whether it be pork, chicken, sausage, or beef. This book has several ideas that are good themselves, but will also lend themselves to further exploration. I rate it four smoked shoulders out of five. Can I get a squeal please!?

Buy it from Donna, or your favorite book store.
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Originally posted by Todd G.:
.... I've got several, okay most, of the BBQ focused books that are available...

MIGHTY big comment, but you were in some of the previous book discussions so you've probably overtaken me by now. I'll resurrect the BBQ Book thread, we haven't had a discussion about books, what's good, what isn't. As I look behind me in my bookcase I counted about 3 shelves over 70 books or so...

Ray's a good friend and he taught the first CS FE100 class, maybe they'll get him back.
Thanks, Todd, for the review! I've always suspected that we both had great minds. Smiler

Bill, I believe that Dr. BBQ's NFL cookbook is published and in stock at

We have all four of his books at If you buy them through Cookshack, you do not pay more than you would if you bought them directly from We receive a tiny "referral fee". I put the books on our site mostly to make it convenient for people who are "bbq shopping" to find an assortment of good books. If anyone has recommendations for their favorite cookbooks, please let me know and I will make them available.


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