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Well, I'm back. Been away from smoking and even cooking in general barring a couple cooks I did for some friends due to yet another diet. Just can't cook and diet. I'd rather eat nothing than cook and watch it go to waste. They say it takes serious willpower to diet like this but I promise it takes a better man to smoke and cook all day and only eat a tiny plate of BBQ.

Anyway, I couldn't take it anymore and fired up the cookshack, slung some rub and threw in three fryer chickens yesterday. Dang if I didn't miss the smell of maple wood and chicken cooking in that silver box!!!!!!!!!! Seems my family did too as all three were literally gone in minutes. Was hoping to make a smoked chicken salad out of the leftovers....OH WELL!! Feels and tastes good to be smokin with my Cookshack!!

Have a great day guys.
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I feel your pain. It's not the over indulgence from the first meal, but the left overs that get me. Nice to hear that your trying to wear out that smoker, once again.(lol)

With some good notes cooking on a CS is like riding a bike, once you do it you never forget. Don't stop on the chickens, keep on smoking!!!!!
LOL!! Oh I'll never forget how to wrangle up some BBQ!

Those leftovers are a killer! They keep preaching that grazing keeps your metabolism high so ya can lose weight. Problem is that BBQ grazing is bad for your rear! HAHA! And since she won't be on here to read it. Going out to eat with an incredible new girlfriend will make ya fat and happy real quick. Hehehe
Welcome back.

Been on a diet myself, but mine is more focused on quantity and exercise. Just wanted to make sure I didn't gain more weight.

We do smoke and grill a lot of chicken.

Of course the Deep Fried Ribs at the Houston Show ... well (check out that thread for a photo) won't be on the food list every day.

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