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Andy has opened up a great (?) idea (at least in my mind) - how about a forum topic "Have you ever been to..." to ask about BBQ places we've seen on TV or heard about by whatever method? I hear constantly about places I will probably never get to but that sound amazing. Triple D is a good source, but I am sure there are others. Could also call it "Great BBQ Places I've Been To" What about it, Smokin'? Maybe organized by state? I understand, too much work in your final days. Can anyone else take this up? I think it would be fun and useful.
That's a fantastic idea... How about picking a lead-in title such as "Great BBQ Places in-" and then follow with the state, such as "Great BBQ Places in-Indiana", etc. Then people could add their state if it hadn't already been started. And other than Okie making a topic for it, the rest would be done by forum members.

I join a group of friends every Tuesday for lunch...most times at BJ's Brewery here in Roseville. Great craft beers at $3 per 16 oz glass...special at lunch. Heading there in a few hours. Smiler

Every 4 weeks or so, we switch it up and go to a different location. We've been to Jamie's a few times. Their smoked prime rib sandwich is incredible.

We like to go to dive type restaurants that are hidden gems when it comes to their menus. Jamie's fits that perfectly. The place doesn't even have a window in their very plain, all wooden, unpainted, old western looking, box shaped building. Almost looks like an old abandoned warehouse. There is virtually no signage advertising their location...except for a small plain printed version on the side of the building that is barely legible cause it's so faded due to age. If you didn't know it was there, you'd likely miss it. Parking is just a few slots in front or along the street. It's a very uninviting setup. But the place is always jammed, so we get there by 11:15 am. Good food brings them in.
Originally posted by Soleman:
On that note, what does everyone think about a topic for reviewing commercially made BBQ sauces and/or rubs?

Wouldn't that be our annual sauce/rub exchange thread? Cool

The problem I see with that is it would be very subjective. For example, a lot of people seem to like Blues Hog Original. For me, it is waaaay too sweet and thick for my tastes. Now Blues Hog Tennessee Red is another story, love that stuff.
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Originally posted by Pags:
We've been to Jamie's a few times. Their smoked prime rib sandwich is incredible.

Gotta wonder sometimes with these types of shows. I remember seeing one place on Triple-D somewhere in OK, then a few years later Restaurant:Impossible was there and Robert called it the biggest $h*thole he's ever seen. And wondered how Guy could have recommended it.

Glad to hear that this place is legit.
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I didn't see it but I heard about it, Mama E's Wings & Waffles.

Wow, I didn't know Guy got into the KCBS Hall of Fame. They'll probably never vote me in, I'm not famous enough and I've told them a few things over the year they didn't want to hear.

Those kind of shows are built on Positives not negatives. Just pick a restaurant that is done on any food show and see what people have to say about it after the episode airs.

I like DDD a lot. Unfortunately Guy tends to be something of a shill (having watched every episode) and he try's to do right by the restaurant.

just don't confuse DDD with a Restaurant Review. Two separate things.
Well. I just might be very easy to please. A couple years back we drove 90 miles to Napa just to visit another DDD restaurant...The Shellville Grill.

Guy tried the smoked Tri Tip sandwich so that's what I tried. It was tasty, smokey, tender and juicy. Smothered in a coffee, fresh fruit and red wine BBQ sauce and served hot with sauteed onions, mushrooms, and garlic. Different but delicious.

The pulled pork looked good. Table next to us loved theirs. Their menu also includes interesting non BBQ items. Individually oven baked Lasagna in Ramekin is very good.

OK. I have to admit we also did some wine tasting, but the driving force for the trip was to try out Shellville Grill. Always a beautiful drive.

Been to a couple other DDD restaurants, and they were nothing to write home about. Have to agree with Smokin. Never saw Guy criticize any restaurant on his show. I understand there's a little "Hollywood" going on.

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