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Hey neighbor...I'm from MA, right on the NH border.

I do shoulders alot (matter of fact gonna start a couple tonite around 10pm ) and when they reach 195 deg. internal temp., I pull em off, heavy duty foil them, and pop them into a dry cooler for at least 30 min. to let the juices settle. It will also bring up the temp about another 5 deg. Then it's eatin time !

However, there have been occasions when I've had to hold them much about 3 hours for a Christmas party. It had no affect on the meat. It was still hot, juicy, and everyone loved it.

The key is you don't want the temp. to drop into that 40-140 range where bacteria becomes the enemy.

Hope this helps..good luck.

SmoKen Smiler
Hey SmoKen ,
Portsmouth here. Cool thanks. I was thinking about throwing my Butt in about 8:00. How big is yours and what temp(225?). I am thinking I will use the 1 1/4 hr per lb in the smokette. What about you? This is my frist butt and didn't know the time. The butt is a boston butt. 14lbs total and they area 2 7lb's in the pack.

What do you do for racking them?

Thanks for any help. I was going to rub with 1pt cookshack and 2 parts dark brown sugar
I smoke mine at 230 deg. I have a bullet type water smoker, and only have two racks, so one on top and bottom.

I don't have a Cookshack (yet Smiler ) so I'm not sure if it will be much different. I have done alot of shoulders (butts) all in the 7-8lb. range and have never had them come out any less than 2hr/lb. I'd give yourself that much time anyway, because you can always hold it in a cooler. (one of the greatest tips I've gotten on this forum) When I first smoked a shoulder I had people waiting to eat because I was also planning on 1 1/4 hrs per lb. It's never happened yet.

As far as rub...I'm pretty partial to the rub I've been using, called Southern Succor Rub. I've always gotten a really nice "bark" (the secret is the Turbinado sugar) with this so I've stuck with it. Matter of fact, I'm about to make another batch today. Here's the recipe in case ya wanna try it:

Southern Succor Rub
(Used for many cuts of pork, including shoulder)

� cup ground pepper
� cup paprika
� cup turbinado sugar
� cup salt
4 tsp. dry mustard tsp. cayenne pepper

Makes about 2 cups

Mix spices thoroughly in a bowl. Store covered in a cool, dark pantry.

I'll be on and off here all day today in case you have anything else I can help ya with.

Have fun...

SmoKen Smiler

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