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I went to Sam's in search of a Chuck Roll. I didn't see them in the case, so I did what everyone here says to do...I asked the meat dept manager. He returned with a massive 30 lb hunk of beef sealed in a cryo. Several other shoppers looked and commented like I was buying a whole cow. However, the worker seemed very knowledgable and eager to help me.

I got home and unpacked this massive hunk of meat and cut it into 2 sections. One for my office party on Friday and the other for Christmas Eve with family and friends. I applied my own basic rub to one piece and I will put it in the 08 sometime tomorrow (I checked and it will fit) to have it ready to serve by 11:00 am on Friday.

Having never cooked one of these "beasts" as Mainely Dave calls them, how long should I plan for a 15 pound section to reach the desired temp to pull or shred the meat? Anyone with experience on cooking these regularly have a general idea? I don't want to start too early, but my worst fear is not allowing enough time to get to temp, rest the meat in cooler, and pull or shred it. I have found some other info in the forum about the chuck roll, but little discussion on the time to cook a section of this size. Thanks and Happy Holidays!!
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The chilling method is great ,if you have the time.

If you don't,remember some fat is flavor,so you don't have to get it off 100%.

You can always let it settle in a container and lay a few ice cubes on the surface.

The fat will congele and you can carefully skim it off with a large spoon.

You can also buy gravy seperators for about $5 and they will do it instantly.

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