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Very new to the board
Very new to smoking period!

Picked up a 55 last weekend for an amazing price from my local pool supplier - last one on the showroom floor that they wanted out the door.

Did some mediocre to bad chickens for 1st smoke.
Did some amazing baby backs for 2nd smoke (2oz hickory at 225 for 4 hours with simple dry rub)

Well...last nite I really blew it.

Picked up some great thick cut chops at local shop that we love on the grill.

Threw them in the 55 at 225 with 2oz hickory chunk and cooked to 150.

Man......they were disgusting.
Smelled of formaldehyde and tasted worse.

I know there is a learning curve and I certainly shouldn't be rushing in and smoking anything - let alone chops - without some research.

Got some st louis style ribs that I'm working on now...hopefully I can save some face with the wife with these!
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Some things are better in the smoker than others. Once you get some time under your belt you will see that maybe the chops should have smoked a short time and then finished on the grill. Take your time, keep notes of what worked and what didn't and enjoy. Use the forum because chances are somebody has tried what you want to smoke and there will be some use full information somewhere on the site.
Brine your pork chops.

Not sure of the taste, how much wood are you using. Less is better to start with. When in doubt, use only a chunk or two. You can always add more the next time you cook but if you use too much to start with they'll taste nasty.

Remember, the wood is for smoke flavor, not meat, so a little goes a long way. Oh and just because you don't see smoke in the air, doesn't mean there isn't. Clear/blue smoke is actually the best (it's clear because the impurities have burned off)
IMHO pork chops and steaks are best left to the grill, using indirect heat with wood chips to begin...finishing over the coals to create the caramelization that carnivores crave.

Now, a 6 or 8 bone pork rib roast, injected with a flavoring solution has enough heft to build some crust/bark in a smoker while still maintaining moisture.
I had the same bad experience the first time I tried that, don't remember the formaldehyde part though, anyway I ended just chopping them up and put em in a pot of beans, that saved em. I found what works for me is, to put them on the grill with some chips of wood and is good enough for me.

Just keep on trying, and you will figure out what works best.

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