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Just curious how people go about cooking burgers on the FEPG500/1000.

All direct heat?
Start direct to sear both sides, then to zone 4?
Cook in zone 4 first, then finish with a direct sear?
What temp do you use?

I personally go 500F, direct for a few minutes on each side; curious if other people have tried other methods with success.
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With my frozen patties I like direct heat, temp at 425. The flavor from the grill and smoke are awesome. Only takes about 4-5 min. per side though.

As for fresh. I start out at 200 degrees on the indirect side. After about 25 minutes I move them over to the direct side after I remove the burgers and crank it up to 425 degrees. Only need to be over there for about a minute each side to get a nice sear and keep it medium inside.

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