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Hi SkinsFan,

How long the wood lasts depends on how high you set the thermostat. The density of the wood, the dryness of the wood. I've had chunks burn completely up on a 5 hour rib smoke, but had some that were only partially charred on a longer jerky or summer sausage smoke.

The key is, and this goes for adding wood to the initial load too, is that it is said meat quits taking on smoke after it hits 140 degrees internal temp.

So, yes, you can add wood as long as your cut of Que hasn't reached 140. Just be careful not to oversmoke when entertaining guests. Not everyone's taste for smoke is the same.

Hope this helped a lil.
I added more wood once during a brisket smoke. I didn't like the result--and I like smoke. Now I just stuff the wood box of my 008 as full as I can get it with mesquite.

Keep in mind that the wood continues to smoke, even past the white smoke you see at first. In fact, it's that almost-invisible smoke that's the best (after the impurities in the wood have burned off).
I agree. There is no way you can't get enough wood in the 008 woodbox to smoke all the meat that Smokette will hold. Maybe you should try some mesquite or redoak, they are quite strong smoke woods. I use 4-6 oz of white oak or apple wood (both very mild smoke woods) for a long cook with brisket or butt and sometimes that is too smoky for some. Just my observation/opinion.

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