I would guess you can fit about 1 pound or better of chunks in the smoke box. I would also guess, since owning a sm020 and a FEC100, that 2-3ozs in the sm020 equals the quality/quantity of smoke you get on the 100...so somewhere around 5-6 times the amount needed...just an observation/guess!

Why you ask?
The instructions say not to exceed 6oz, but the box holds more than that. I have an 025. I would imagine the six ounces would last a very long time. When I smoked my pork butt 6oz lasted well beyond the point which the experts on the forum say the meat accepts smoke. Hope that helps.
I am pretty up to speed on the fec100. I have two of them, and I have two Lang 84's. I am going to be in a restricted situation for a fairly long time and I can't bare the thought of having nothing to smoke with. I am thinking about an 025, but I know nothing about it. I was wondering if it will cook as well as the fec100. I realize it won't hold as much meat, but I do want to to do at least 2 butts at a time withthe sam quality. There are so many products out there.
I have an SM025. I use 1.5oz for chicken, 2.5oz for ribs, 4.5oz for briskets, and 5.5oz for PBs. That amount of wood fits my family's taste. I have never over-smoked anything in the SM025, but I'm sure I could if I wanted to. Smoke should be a component of a flavor profile, not the flavor profile IMO.
Now that sounds like a fine KCBS CBJ talking, and I agree. Nothing worst then having the smoke as the main profile on a product.

JRL....I had seen in your profile that you were a FEC owner, so that's why I used that comparison. The biggest difference between the finished products will be the bark. If you wrap with foil during your cook, you probably won't be able to tell any difference, but if you cook the whole time without foil, you will get a darker blackish color on the smokette and not as much drying effect as the FEC.

Personally, I used around 6 ozs of wood on the smokette and like the finished, pulled pork product better. It's the outside texture on ribs and chicken that you will notice the largest difference in. They will be more moist instead of a dry bark.

As far as the smoke flavor, the smokette is better.

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