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I plan to cook a 10#, packer cut, brisket in the Smokette on Tuesday. I may start cooking Monday night around bedtime. If you have any suggestions or tips you could pass along from your experience I would appreciate having them.

I'll read what Somkin Okie says and also search through the archieves, and would be particularly interested in hearing from any of you that have recently cooked one.
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Be sure to read Smokin's Brisket 101. That plus the archives will give you lots of ideas. I've only done one brisket (just because we love the ribs from Smokette). I rubbed with Montreal Steak seasoning and some turbinado sugar and smoked with a combo of hickory and cherry. I pulled at 190 and separated out the point and put it back in to cook more for burnt ends - next time I would cook the point longer as it was still pretty fatty when I took it out. Other than that, the rest of it was great! And I say this as someone who prefers rare beef. It's hard to go wrong if you follow all the tips from this forum.
Thanks Mudgie, I enjoyed reading your comments. I have read Smokin's Brisket 101 and several things from the archives. Continuing to cook the point is something I knew about, but it had slipped my mind. I will make it a "point" to do that this time. Pun intended! Don't you love that Montreal Steak Seasoning? I've never used it on a brisket, but we use it on every steak we grill.
I have prepared four briskets in the last 6 weeks using my ST. They have all came out great. Make sure you use a thermometer. All of mine have taken 12 hours or more and have been 8-11 lbs. Find a rub you like and start the smoke. Remember to use foil to line the bottom of your smoker there is more drippage (is that a word?) from a large cut of meat and it makes clean up easier.
I have sent a few members of this forum some rubs, most recently Mad Angler, let me know if you want some too. Go to and tell me what you might like and if I have it I will ship it to you. I will send you enough to prepare at least one brisket. Smiler
Stevegardner, When you call Obie-cue he will usually give you a discount when you buy in the 5 Qt size if you buy more than one. Make sure you tell him you are with the Cookshack Forum. I emailed him asked if he could place a link to this site on his site. I have never ordered via online but always in his booth at Traders Village. Hopefully we will start getting a Forum discount if we make a big enough impact.

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