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Howdy all.
I am going to cook up some pork loins for a family party. I plan on cooking them the day of the event but was wondering how to keep them from drying out so much. What would be a good sauce to hold them in so they wouldn't dry out so much while serving and waiting to get served. It would be hard to try and catch the drippings of them while cooking. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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Any sauce won't keep them moist, except the outside. I would cook them to 150, carryover will go to 155. Wrap in plastic wrap and foil and store somewhere (find the smallest ice chest you have, less air the better and of course, no ice)

If you want drippings, you can cook the bottom ones in pans so the ones above drip down on them and catch the drippin's.

IF you're going to reheat them, watch them like a hawk and take them to 140
Thanks Smokin. I have some time yet before I have to do this get together for the family. I think I will try some things. Like what you suggested and maybe what Ribdog said also to try and brine one of them. I was planning on injecting them anyways but the brine might be the trick for that. Thanks again. I will let ya know when I practice and how they turned out.
Was just wondering why you don't like to do porkloins. I have cooked several and they have turned out great but we was eating them when they got off the smoker. I have found that if you find some with the dark meat in them they are the best ones to do. They seem to cook up better for me anyways. I will do what you said there Smokin with doing a brine on one of them and cooking the other. I will be doing some playing around before then with them to see how they do but thanks for all the comments. They are appreciated. I have learned quit a bit looking around on this forum and all you guys replies. Thanks again

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