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Some of our most popular posts have photos in them, so hopefully you'd like to try, but don't know how.

We get lots of requests on how to post photos, so I thought I'd provide a little how to.

The preferred method is to email them to me, so I can put them on the CS Server. You can post pictures from other servers, but usually over the years those links disappear (and thus you have broken links and no photos), so please send them to me for posting.

Send your pictures, in JPG format or any Digital Format, in an unedited version. I can handle really large files, so size doesn't matter. Email them to me at: smokin okie @ the bbq zone . com (remove the spaces).

If you're not sure how this whole digital thing works, just email me for help.

I will review your photo and provide you a link and instructions on how to post them in your post.

Any questions, just reply in this thread and I'll clarify/answer.

Thanks for sending photos!

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For size, no bigger than about 450 width. Depends on if the photo is vertical or horizontal. You can size them smaller and have a link to a larger photo, thumbnails, but they can be big thumbnails. Don't want the photo sizes to be too big, many people don't have high speed connections.

Considering how much work it takes to administer, sending me the photos is also a way to remind me to do it. It's just another step for me to go out and download and I'm going to have to send you the link information anyway, so you'll have to send me a request to post pictures.

Just how I've done it for 4 years now. I'm actually going to have to go in an edit some recent posts that people have linked to external sites. Problem is those sites are usually there a year later Frowner

Thanks for the ideas.

Smokin, I have a site with a discussion forum, as well, and photos are a HUGE part of that forum. People like to see pictures of whatever a person is talking about. I was considering changing the forum software that I use, but my current forum software is the only one I have found that will allow members to upload directly to the forum without sending it to me, or without having to link from an external server. That was the single biggest factor in choosing and keeping my existing forum software. I can't imagine how much of an administrative nightmare it would be to have people sending photos for me to resize, upload and send a link so they could post to the forum. I'd also guess that having to do so is a major deterrent to visitors posting pics on this site.

Provide an easy way for users to directly upload pics, and I believe you'll see a dramatic increase in participation on the forums.

Thanks for the feedback, and when/if we change software, we'll consider it as there are a lot of considerations for CS in moving to new Forum Software.

For now, emailing them to me isn't a problem (not to me) nor an issue and normally I get them posted pretty fast. I certainly don't receive ANY emails about not posting pictures because they can't load them direct.

Besides, we don't get all that many photos submitted.

If you have questions comments about posting photos, please email me direct (my email is in my profile)

Thanks for the ideas.

Just an FYI, there are two top notch sites that host pics for free. Google for "Imageshack" and i personally use "Photobucket". As long as they are within the "TOS" or terms of service, they will not be deleted. This might help. If this is out of line please delete and disregard. G'day
Appreciate the idea.

Policy of the forum is to have the photos sent to CS and we'll host them on the forum.

Years ago, others said there photos hosting wouldn't go away, so there is no guarantee any other link will be there in the future, regardless of the site.

We're pretty safe with the photos on the CS server. As long as the forum is up, the photos will be also.

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